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Draft Test 2010


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October 10, 2009
Nippersink Forest Preserve Round Lake, IL

Judges:   Christine Brigham & Patti Pigeon

Those who qualified were as follows -

New Draft Dogs  
Timbermist's Catch A Wave (Marlin) Handler - Cheri Nicholas
CH Tresors Star of Logy Bay, UD RE WD (Trot) Handler - Anna Lorenz
CH Golden Oaks Moon Chaser, CD RA WRD CGC (Henry) Handler - Sue Putt
Requalified Draft Dogs  
VN CH Council Cup's Total Eclipse of Culpepper, CD RE WRD DD CGC TDI (Clipper) Handler - Barbara Lukacs-Grob
On October 10 th NCNC held it's 25th. Draft Test.

My thanks to the judges and entrants. Your participation made our test a great success. Thanks goes to the Test Secretary, Darlene Rattner; Chief Steward, Cissy Sullivan; Co-Chair Patti Zirpoli and all the stewards and volunteers. Special thanks to Tara Bertrand for her hospitality table and Halloween decor! OUTSTANDING.
During our day we had approximately 70 spectators. Successful qualifiers were:
Chair: Linda Larsen    
Co-Chair: Patti Zirpoli    
Secretary: Darlene Rattner    
Chief Steward: Cissy Sullivan    

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