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Education Day 2014


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March 30, 2014
Western Waukesha County Dog Training Club
Ixonia, WI



Twenty-two Newfs and twenty-seven people gathered at Western Waukesha County Dog Training Club in Ixonia, Wisconsin on March 30th to attend Education Day 2014. It was a beautiful spring day under sunny skies, a great day to get out to kick off water and draft learning for 2014, as well as socialize with Newf owners and their Newfs!

Mary Trauernicht presented Land Based Water Training, explaining the tools needed to train WD and WRD exercises on-land to prepare for this summer's water practices and the importance of obedience in water work. Mary and 'Frida' demonstrated many water exercises and how to break up the exercises into steps to teach your Newf. In addition, many dog and handler teams practiced a basic control run through and other on-land exercises with the guidance of Mary and Darlene Rattner. Each Newf received a short knotted heaving line to practice the 'take a line' exercise at home.

After lunch Mary Burke presented Preparing for the Specialty Cart and Wagon Exercises, explaining the exercises and how to prepare for them. Damian Burke and 'Brigitte' demonstrated the exercises while Mary explained how to break up the exercises into teachable steps. Mary also explained to those new to carting how to introduce your Newf to the harness and ways to gradually introduce your newf to the cart. We introduced the harness to some Newfs new to drafting and harnessed and hitched a couple newfs to check their apparatus. Many thanks to Mary Trauernicht & 'Frida', Darlene Rattner, and Damian Burke & 'Brigitte' for putting on this event. And a special 'thank you' to those who helped with set up and tear down: Steve Hilker, Kristin Peterson, and Jeremy Tischendorf.

Thanks to all for a TERRIFIC turn out! It was so exciting to see so many new people interested in doing these working events with their Newfs!

Chair Mary Burke    

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