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September 19 and 20, 2015
Prairie Springs Park/Lake Andre

Judges:   Cindi Kursner & Kathleen Mitchell

Those who qualified were as follows -

Briarwood Eigth Magical Wonder– MAJACK Handler - Sue Matzke
Newphorias Yoshi-Lani BN CD GN RAE WD8 DD3 WRD TDD - BRIGITTE Handler - Damian Burke
Seagirts ocean Harbour, CD WRD1
Handler - Mary Trauernicht
VN CH Bright Star’s Make a Wish, CD RE WRD2 WRDX D1! CGC – HAILEY WRD-Requilifier Handler - Sue Matzke
Northshore’s Abby Normal CDX WRD2 DD1– ABBY Handler - Jamerson Rolseth
Woodside’s Michael The Magnificent– MIKE Handler - Karen Schlipf
CH Avalon Bey’s Sea Warrer, CGC– MURPHY Handler - Janet Perrelli
Longcreek’s Doozie of a Storm, WRD1– DOOZIE Handler - Susan G. Zientara
Chair: Denita Jackman
Secretary: Dona Baker Austin
Chief Steward: John Jackman
Hospitality: Linda Larsen
Event Photographer: Chuck Holtzen

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